What We Do

We install a range of intercoms from GSM systems to local wireless systems to hardwired CCTV entry.


Our most popular entry phone due to it versatile use and multiple features. Customers can use this entry phone as a basic entry phone while at home with the entry phone contacting the land line and a open command being a simple key press on the telephone keypad but the added feature of call divert if unanswered is the most beneficial as customers can still allow access to the property while not at home or even inside the UK.

The GSM entry system also has a dial in release where the user doesn’t require there fob to open the gates as a simple call to the entry phone is all that is required.

Multiple text options are built in to this entry phone also giving users complete control over their home automation while home and away. System require a contract SIM with either Vodaphone, 02 or EE depending on location signal quality.

Local Wireless

A popular choice for domestic property’s where range is not a problem and where installing a cable back to the property is not viable. Local wireless systems are used via a transmitter at the gate with a clear line of site back to the property to a hand held phone. System also comes with a built in keypad. System benefits from not requiring a SIM or any further expense once installed but is restricted to range.

Hardwired Entry

Hard wire entry systems require a data link back to the property and a cable to each surface mounted phone this system is best placed in a location where multiple call locations are required these systems can be installed with video entry and keypads built in to the unit. Vandal resistant options are available. Up to 50 call buttons can be used and digital calling for areas with above that number.


We install a range of operators from RAMS to hidden underground motors electrometrical and hydraulic depending on the hinge style of the gate will determine what operator is best suited for your installation. We use BFT and FAAC operators due to their reliability and style.


Safety is required on all gates regardless of size or use.

Sliding gates have more risk points than swing gates and will require safe edges in areas of trapping. We fit multiple devices to gate to ensure safety is kept to a high level. We are also members of GateSafe™ to ensure we are installing gates to a good standard and are kept up to date with changes in legislation.

Your gate should consist of the following:

  • Beams to view the operation area of the gate
  • Loops to detect approaching vehicles
  • Safe edges to protect all trapping points.

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